the last wedding of the season: Nicole and Bob Sullivan

What a wedding it was! The wedding itself took place in White Plains next to our law school. Then we drove north to Garrison, New York to The Garrison country club. What an awesome setting! And the view and weather were wonderful.

I was in the wedding and therefore have no pictures of the bride and groom on the wedding day...but lots of the bride. (Click here to see the whole group of them.)

We drove up on Friday for the rehearsal. Pizza and beer afterwards at an old law school haunt really hit the spot. (You can find pictures of that event by clicking this sentence.)

I am really looking forward to seeing what their photographer does with his pictures!

On a final note, I almost ruined Nicole's day and bore all of the bad luck on my shoulders. The morning of the wedding, we walked out to a beautiful day. The sun was shining, after raining for days. I had coffee and good hair. And then the car was missing. To keep everything ready I had left the brides maid dress in the car. And the city had no record of my car. I lost my shit. But luckily a cop told us a few minutes later that the car had not been towed, but RELOCATED. Nice. New word. RELOCATED. Two blocks down. Crisis over. :)

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Bobby & Nicole said...

Yea! Thank you for all of the fun photos! We had a wonderful time! Still on Cloud 9. Yes, now that I know, I'm glad you refused to share the news of your car relocation chaos with me the morning of!