book review: German for Travelers

by Norah Labiner

German for Travelers, a book about Germany, Berlin no less. Was I going to read it? Yes. What were the odds that I would love the book? 20 to 1. Then why didn’t I?

The story, told via various German lessons follows the tale of one family, from the point of view of two spoiled brats/great grandchildren living in LA. We walk down the streets of Berlin today and yesterday. We learn about living in Germany during the war and before the war. We learn all of the family secrets. But we just don’t care. I just did not care about the protagonists and I am not sure that I cared to know what the family secret was.

Which bummed me out because I really wanted to like the book. The cover of the book is great. Although no one goes to the sea in the book, and there are not two children in the time period of the photo on the cover.

One other thing that drove me crazy was that the German lessons were not all correct. I am sure this was done on purpose, but it drove me crazy.

Maybe I should re-read it. I don’t know. I sound so cranky. All the other book reviewers loved it. Hump.

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