store review: j. chocolatier

Friday, we were walking around in Georgetown, going to the library and just having a grand old time, when we stumbled upon the cutest little new chocolate shop: J. Chocolatier. In we went and spent some time checking out the new store, and talking to the owner. She had previously had a 9-5 job and then decided to learn about chocolate. Selling chocolate online morphed into the new store.

We got one each, and then saw this little Buddha chocolate; we just had to have one! We shared him once we got home before taking his picture.

J. Chocolatier
1039 33rd St. NW
Georgetown, DC
(near Cady’s Alley.)
(Click here to go to the website.)

1 comment:

Kara said...

I want one! You just don't stumble across things like this in a rural environment. Hope he was good.