Have you ever heard of the American Stonehenge?

(Image from Wired.)
Outside of my cube a director keeps all of these magazines. There is Wired, Science, and Scientific American. Sometimes I grab one to take to lunch. One article I recently read was about the American Stonehenge. It is located in northeastern Georgia and called the Georgia Guidestones. The five slabs of granite each weigh 20 tons! The most interesting part about them is that the people who funded the project in 1979 are secret! No one knows who they were or are. 12 languages are used on the giant stones, which happen to be aligned like a calendar. Apparently you can tell the time from the stones, and the directions too. Engraved in the stones are instructions to the world. For example one says, “Rule Passion, Faith, Tradition, and all things with Tempered Reason.” Sounds like good advice right?

But a lot of controversy surrounds the mystery of the stones because one guy, not Dan Brown, thinks that a group of devil worshipers paid for the guidestones. The theory begins with the instruction to “Unite Humanity with A Living New Language.” Anyone who has read the Bible, knows what happens to humanity when that happens right?

As an intellectual experiment, I find it interesting that a group of people would want to spend the time and effort needed to have this monument built. What would drive you to do that? Strongly held convictions. What was going on in the world in 1979? Did these people really think the end was that near?

I would love to see these things. Anyone been there?

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Katerina said...

wow...very mysterious, very intriguing too!