The point of any project is to get something done. As with driving, there are many ways to get to your destination and different reasons for taking each route. But really we all just want to get where we are going.

However, when I do personal projects, I think them through but never write up a project plan. Even when I complete complicated projects, if it is something I am interested in, I find I don't need to plan. What I really need to do is think it through and DO. Sure sometimes I realize I forgot a step when I am working, but this happens even when I write out a project plan.

I am just thinking that sometimes doing is more important than planning. And we waste a lot of time planning.



Just back from a week in Portland. We saw Erica, Tanner, Walt, Josh, Carol, Harry, Bridger, Courtney, Darlene, Marian, Martin, Jessica, Pete, and a new friend, Katherine.

Pictures can be found here.

Oskar did an amazing job flying. What a great kid.


more on the spending fast

Laura asked a few good questions about the fast.

As of right now, we have everything Oskar needs. I have diapers stocked up, because we buy them in bulk. We also have all the clothes he needs...even for cold weather.

It does include groceries, but we also have a well stocked pantry, so we are doing well there. We got the veggie box last week too, so that helped. We did not get it this week though. We will see how next week goes.

We are thinking of doing this two weeks a month.

I was really tempted to buy something today: a baby bag from Jack Spade that is half price. Brent wanted one when we saw it a few years ago in NYC. I decided to just ask Brent if he wanted it. He said no, we have a diaper bag. So good thing I held off. It is better to unsubscribe from all of these shopping emails.

I have $41 left and Brent has $47.


cheap gene

The Harkins have a cheap gene. This allows said person to save money beyond what is considered to be reasonable. The gene can be turned off however, leading to spending that is less than controlled.

The spending fast has turned on my cheap gene. Brent cites this mayo jar as evidence. I say there is more mayo in there...I will get it out today on my ham sandwich.

(feel free to note, but not comment on hoard of polaroid film.)


guerilla gardening

so fun.


spending fast

We are on a spending fast. $100 cash for the week. That is what each of us has to
spend. No more. No credit cards.

I will report back later on the outcome.


halloween brussels sprout

yes, we made Oskar a brussels sprout. poor kid.

more pictures by clicking this sentence.