walk home: thankful

Last week Brent read me a story in the morning about a man who was 93 who froze to death in his house after the electric company put in a switch outside of his house to keep him from using too much energy. They never told him about it. His overdue bill was $1000. (You can click this paragraph to read the AP story.)

We went to dinner tonight and on the way home had to call 911. A woman was yelling at a man laying flat on the ground. "Sean, get up. Sean, Sean, get up." Over and over and over. Brent said to me, "I think he might be dead." I called 911 and the police showed up pretty quickly. A man at the bus stop thanked us for stopping. At least 25 people walked over this man as he lay there. I sure hope he is ok.

And then my girl friend just posted at her blog about her good friend's little girl who has a brain tumor. How scary.(Click here to read about Carly.)

We all need to pitch in together, take notice of each other, become real neighbors again. Thank you to our group of neighbors. Life remains not a burden for us.


art in portland

I just re-found this little video I took in Portland at the art museum.


Cincinnatti Airport Rapid Transit

A little video from today's trip to see Maureen for the Oscars!



Snails Go west ! Funny TimeLapse from www.time-lapse.fr on Vimeo.

"Every evening, after my automatic water system stops, all the snails who where hidden behind flowers go out and go on the grass to make parties, eating and drinking!" (from boingboing.net of course.)


the credit freeze explained understandably

Wondering what is happening to our economy? Here is your explanation...Great work Jonathan Jarvis.


no comment



I am just back from St. Louis. Left Gram in good stead. Lots of good food, a woman coming in for four hours for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, when Kate, my aunt will show up to stay till Sunday. I just hope she does not get bored...Kate that is.

I took this photo last weekend when we were hiking. And sometimes I feel like this. WHEN, WHEN, WHEN. I don't like feeling like this. I liked to live now, in this moment. But alas, when is where I am this evening.

When will we have a bigger place? (Oh I wanted one? Who knew?)
When will we move to Seattle?
When (if) will we have kids?
When will they be out of the house? (Above mentioned kids.)
When will Gram need to move into a different place?

If I knew all of the when's though, life would be a bit boring. I must try to embrace the when and the anticipation it brings.


Gram's Doing Well

Good news... The pacemaker went right in no problem. She might even come home today!!


one day up, the next day, less up.

Headed to St. Louis because Grammy is getting a pacemaker today. We get in when she goes to have the surgery. At least we will be there when she wakes up.

This sucks.


Ada has arrived!

It is so crazy that my youngest brother is a dad now. He was just a little guy yesterday! Here she is!

Again, this is not the all babies, all the time blog even though may seem to have been hijacked...We will give Ada a few months before we put her in the running for the cutest baby ever...

Congrats Montana and Erin.



the word project

I found these letters on sale at Target last year sometime...I think the word spelled with the letters was "Inspiration." I then went around trying to find other words, in an effort to find the whole alphabet. I did not get all the letters. C is missing.

Yesterday on our hike we started using the letters to make words...


from all weddings to all babies: Competition for Sean?

Ok people, I clearly get obsessed with things...I am NOT, I repeat, NOT obsessed with babies. Yet.

But Sean has competition in the cutest baby in the world competition...and Sabine is the competition. Look at the expression on her face! Is she surprised, posing for the camera, just happy? Oh, that is Tania there on the side.


Update: Operation Lose Weight in 09

Loyal readers I figured you might be interested in a progress report…so here it is.

“Why eeew heeeeer?”

“Well a friend of mine came once, to get the toxins out of her system, and that sounded like a good thing…”

“Eeeewr tongue?”

“My tongue? What?”

She sticks out her tongue at me and motions for me to do the same thing. So I do.

“Eeeewr heeer, eeeewr fat.”

Things moved on. I let the woman who had called me fat stick me with needles. Nothing happened.

But in the spirit of operation lose 30 pounds this year, I decided to go back, to a different acupuncturist. My knitting crew goes to a guy in DC who studied in China. We spent about 45 minutes talking about my health generally:

“How often do you urinate?”

“Do you have any cravings?”

“How is your libido?

I felt comfortable talking about these things with him, but was curious about what he thought about my responses. He also listened to my pulse using three fingers on both wrists.

And then he asked to see my tongue.

I am going to go back for the next six weeks. I feel good. The poking me with needles was not painful at all.

Brent and I are also wearing pedometers, and both trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. After wearing the pedometers for three weeks I realized that contrary to my original assumptions, we are a lot less active on the weekends. So this weekend we started operation go for a Sunday morning hike. We went to the National Arboretum. We will be going back. The place was amazing. And they had these hundred year old bonsai trees! (Click this paragraph to see some of my experimental photos of the day.) There are also the original columns form the Capitol Building.

Bottom line: I am down between 3 and 4 lbs, so only 26 to go.