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I just read this book, Death Rites, by Alicia Giménez-Bartlett. A suspense novel placed in Barcelona, the book was a fine little read. Nothing earth shattering. I did find this one quote to be very illustrative of how I feel recently:

“As soon as I reach a static point where things begin to repeat themselves, I want to change. Not in a conscious, measured way, but by means of a great show of passion.”

This is maybe my problem: I subconsciously fear repetition.

Which is a funny post, as this is my 300th blog post! Can you believe it, my loving readers? :) I suppose what I post on is varied...

The original goal of the blog has been to practice my writing...and I think it has served its purpose. I feel like my writing continues to improve. So thanks for reading.

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Unknown said...

Gern geschehen :-) Congratulation!