loyal readers...

you might think I should change the name of the blog to something like:
hochzeitdc (wedding DC) or
fotodc (photo DC)
But soon dear readers, say sometime next week, there will once again be writing
at schreibtischdc (desk DC).

Until then...more wedding pictures. Our great photographer, Jamie, just sent us the first batch. You can see more of her work by clicking this sentence.

Here are three of my favorites!

If you are dying to see more...which I doubt at this point...you can click this sentence.


this is why

I have become a one issue voter: my issue is health care for America.


see a wee

wow...the weather was really crappy in Philadelphia.
but we saw the weeHouse!!!

It was really wee.



Does anyone remember our wee obsession? Right...well if you don't you can learn more at our old blog: www.wewantawee.blogspot.com. Good Times.

Well, we are going tonight to Philly to see our first real live weeHouse! Yes, we are! Fire up! This may reignight our former obsession. You can read more about the prefab show here: http://www.acleanbreak.org.

We will be sure to post pictures and a read out when we get back to DC.



So BoingBoing had this picture posted today...How crazy is this?

The blog, Photoshop Disasters compared the faces of the people in the photo with their reflections in the glass table.

Click here for the original posting!





ok just this last one video

Our good friends the Rutters made us this really cute wedding video set to our first dance song! :) So fun. They played it at our post-wedding wedding shower on Saturday night.


the whole wedding dress with feather

Well here is my whole wedding outfit as a video and a video of Brent and I walking over to the street car...:)


the man who planted trees

Brent and I ran across this very tiny little book today at our book store. It is not that long. Here is the beginning. The link to the rest of the story is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

By Jean Giono (1954)

In order for the character of a human being to reveal truly exceptional qualities, we must have the good fortune to observe its action over a long period of years. If this action is devoid of all selfishness, if the idea that directs it is one of unqualified generosity, if it is absolutely certain that it has not sought recompense anywhere, and if moreover it has left visible marks on the world, then we are unquestionably dealing with an unforgettable character.

About forty years ago I went on a long hike, through hills absolutely unknown to tourists, in that very old region where the Alps penetrate into Provence.

This region is bounded to the south-east and south by the middle course of the Durance, between Sisteron and Mirabeau; to the north by the upper course of the Drôme, from its source down to Die; to the west by the plains of Comtat Venaissin and the outskirts of Mont Ventoux. It includes all the northern part of the Département of Basses-Alpes, the south of Drôme and a little enclave of Vaucluse.

At the time I undertook my long walk through this deserted region, it consisted of barren and monotonous lands, at about 1200 to 1300 meters above sea level. Nothing grew there except wild lavender.

I was crossing this country at its widest part, and after walking for three days, I found myself in the most complete desolation. I was camped next to the skeleton of an abandoned village. I had used the last of my water the day before and I needed to find more. Even though they were in ruins, these houses all huddled together and looking like an old wasps' nest made me think that there must at one time have been a spring or a well there. There was indeed a spring, but it was dry. The five or six roofless houses, ravaged by sun and wind, and the small chapel with its tumble-down belfry, were arrayed like the houses and chapels of living villages, but all life had disappeared.


this. is. really. really. funny.

3 Minute Therapy with Lisa Kudro.

Click the sentence...it is worth 3 minutes.


ah the bride on the elevator

In honor of the liar video from a few weeks ago...

my current thought loop

1. We want to move to Portland, but jobs are hard to find there.

2. Finding jobs is not a problem for me...but now figuring out what I
want to do is hard.

3. I want to be a writer. I should focus on finding jobs with a writing bent.

4. What is Brent going to do there? Work for a firm. Hum..that will mean we will see each other less...I don't like that idea one bit...80 hour work weeks are no good.

5. We want to move to be closer to family.

6. The economy is tanking. We have good jobs making good money and our jobs are secure.

7. Which brings me back to the beginning...maybe now is not the time to move.

8. And then I get stressed because I want to move sooner rather than later to be close to our families.

9. Which brings me to frustration that we have so much debt.

10. Then I think, well we should stay here for a year, move to a studio and save money like there is no tomorrow...

11. So off to craigslist I go to find a new apartment, and I. hate. them. all.

12. And then I think moving is not an option, so we need to eat in EVERY day.

13. Then I get sweaty palms and am not really sure what to do, but I am sure I should do some work, so I don't lose this job.


all wedding all the time

no really, I am going to get over this soon...until then, here is a REALLY funny video from the wedding...I will feature some more over the coming days. Enjoy...and comment liberally....