lost and found

Remember when I posted that video about the film the guy found in NYC. Listen to what happened:



another fundraising request

Ok, guys so now my 16 year-old-friend Erin is going to do the Avon Breast Cancer walk with her mom. She is super excited. She wrote this heartfelt note about what losing her Grandmother early meant to her...excerpted below. If you can give her a few bucks I know she would really appreciate it. Click here to go to her site.

"This disease is one that has way to much power over way too many women in this world. In 2007, I lost my Grandmother, Beverley who was one of my biggest supporters. I can remember everything with my Grandma like it was yesterday. Her loss has truly affected everything about my life and the woman that I am becoming. I can remember so many times that my Grandma and I would play school in my living room as a little girl. As a young child, I loved to play teacher and always had a strong discipline method. I would always have my Grandma play James, the worst kid in my class. I would tell my Grandma exactly how I wanted her to act and then she was to act that way! My Grandma was the only one that would ever take all this nonsense from a 7 year old and run with it. No matter what I made my Grandma pretend to do, she did it. Even when I made her have a temper tantrum. Those memories are some of my favorites as they make me laugh and think why in the world would she ever put up with that silliness. My Grandma was very important to me and she will always hold a special place in my heart and for that I cannot wait to walk and help find the cure in honor of my Grandma!"


mommy blogs.

I have resisted the urge to write about being pregnant because I am not sure my readers will care and I am not sure that it fits into the stated mission of this blog...and there are tons of mommy blogs out there...and they are easy to find.

But I suppose I can say some things about this life changing event, right? Indulge me a bit.

Being pregnant sucks...well it sucks for me. I have heard tell of people who never felt better...those people are not me.

Brent has decided that while I have an extremely high pain tolerance, see dental work without Novocain for support, I have a very low threshold for discomfort. And discomfort is what I have felt this entire pregnancy.

My current maladies include a strange rash and the inability to stay awake for more than a 6 hour stretch. Then I must crash for 2 solid hours. Now these 2 hours of sleep are my best sleep currently, because, while I try to sleep a lot at night, I can't.

Thanks for listening. Unfortunately, this topic is really the main topic on my brain. This is how moms become moms I suppose.


so cute


Avon Walk - A friend needs support!

My friend, Pam's mother, died from breast cancer a few years after Linda died. Pam has decided to do the Avon Breast Cancer walk this year in memory of her mom. We also lost a friend, Beth, last year to breast cancer...

She is trying to raise $1800, so any amount you can spare will be helpful!

Here's a link to her page: http://info.avonfoundation.org/goto/pamrutter.

And you can follow Pam's progress at her blog: http://crazyrandomstuff.wordpress.com/.

Thanks guys.


writing dead zone

You know how you encounter cell phone dead zones...I am in a writing dead zone. I don't have writer's block...I have a block even remembering to write. I am in a class and need to send something in by Sunday. I am not really sure what I am going to do. Write all day tomorrow I hope...

I feel overwhelmed by life right now and can't really immerse myself into some other fictional character's life. That sounds like an excuse. Life is always overwhelming. Get over yourself.

End inner dialogue.


open or closed minded

Are you becoming more or less openminded? Are you becoming more or less closed-minded? I think I am openminded, but doesn't everyone think that? I am really good at getting annoyed with people who I think are closed-minded.

Is there really value in being openminded? What does that get a person?

Here is a sample: I have always thought I wanted to legalize drugs and then tax and regulate the drugs. But I am not sure I understood what that would look like in society. Montana has begun legalizing marijuana. A friend of mine's family has been torn apart by this...not by drug use, but rather by drug production. Part of the family has gone into production. They have quit their jobs and the whole family produces and sells pot. The other half of the family finds this abhorrent and no longer talks to said other half.

I never considered that someone other than a drug dealer would consider producing drugs. And I really don't think this has been a good development in Montana...a state with traditionally high unemployment and low education.

My openminded thoughts about drug legalization have become more closed in the face of reality. Maybe everyone's thoughts do that.


can I get one?

I stumbled across this blog about a woman who bought a double decker bus in Australia and is now refinishing it. I want one.


So much fun! And great photography too!