my favorite baby products

i am so behind on posting it is not even funny. i have stuff to say, but i am just not together enough yet to say it.

in the mean time i put together a shopping list of my favorite baby products...


and yes, laura, i see what you are saying about the ipt. but i think we are creating expectations really...he can expect to get a pottytunity when his diaper is changed or when he wakes up...and i think he is holding it sometimes...but time will tell. at least he will be used to being on the potty.



ipt: infant potty training

we are doing it folks. it sounded batshit crazy when i first heard about it in the nytimes a few years ago. (see article here.) in fact, i made no end of fun of it.

that said, it is great. the little guy goes peepee in his little toilet about 4 times a day and he has pooped a total of 4 times in the potty. he seems to really like it. anytime he wakes up or he has a diaper change he gets a "pottytunity." carol is even on board, so that is nice. we are teaching him the sign for potty too...we have noticed a reduction in diaper usage as well. (we use gdiapers with cloth or disposable inserts.)

i got this book and this book about how to do it.

even our critical friend dave thinks it is a good idea.


back to work soon

so, i have not blogged in so long. strange.

back to work next Monday. can you believe it? well i can't. brent's mom, carol, is here to watch oskar the month of february as we transition. that is great news. he is growing so much.

i will only be working from 8:30 to 2:30 and then picking him up...not much time apart really. i am still kind of a mess about it, which surprised me at first.