Language lesson in New York:

This is a mini-Statue of Liberty at the Brooklyn Museum.


Nicole: Writing Assignment

In my new writing class we were given the assignment to write our life up in 150 words, 30 words, and then six words. Here was my response:

150 Words
Green: The color of falling in love. Added to wardrobe because of adorable black leather purse with Kelly green stitching. Worn on the day Brent and I fell in love walking around Berlin.

Red: The color of the lamps, pillows, nano, bike, and duvet in my life. Added to Dupont Circle home after moving in together with Brent. Both Brent and red have had a long stretch.

Orange: The color of my favorite clothes before law school and Linda’s death. “Where do you find so many orange clothes?” she once asked. No longer present in wardrobe.

Yellow: The color of my first new car, a geo Metro convertible, almost perfect for a teenager in Montana. But for the snow…

Black: The color of my clothes since I read a book in law school about simplifying my life. Always looks good and goes with everything. Wait, did I get the idea from the book or from living in New York?

Blue: Reserved for future life periods.

30 Words
She grew up in Montana, fell in love in and with Berlin, has a job in Washington DC, and yearns to work fulltime doing what her personal business card says: Nicole Harkin, writer/photographer.

Note: life was/is not a burden.