laws to live by

I really want to take each of these "laws" below and try to put them into action in my life. (You can click on the laws to head over to their creator, John Maeda's website.) I think they are all so true, but sometimes living a simple life is more difficult that it seems...There are some things I have been successful in simplifying in my life: I buy all of my undies at Victoria Secrets. It is just easier that way. I know my size and when I need new ones I just buzz in there and grab five for $25.

More simplicity and thoughts on the topic to come.

Law 1: Reduce
The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.

Law 2: Organize
Organization makes a system of many appear fewer.

Law 3: Time
Savings in time feel like simplicity.

Law 4: Learn
Knowledge makes everything simpler.

Law 5: Differences
Simplicity and complexity need each other.

Law 6: Context
What lies in the periphery of simplicity is definitely not peripheral.

Law 7: Emotion
More emotions are better than less.

Law 8: Trust
In simplicity we trust.

Law 9: Failure
Some things can never be made simple.

Law 10: The One
Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.


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