the story you tell youself

I went to dinner with a good friend from college today and her family. It was great to see them and to meet her boys. We went out for burgers. I got sweet potato fries. Now there was a time in my life when I would not have touched a sweet potato fry to save my life.

I told myself that I did not like them.

That was my story.

My friend's boys did not want to try them either: I could see their story and my past story colliding.

I went to the acupuncturist a few weeks ago. My sister has been doing a low carb diet for sometime with great success. 30 pounds gone. I would like to try it, but I can't get past breakfast.

"Kelly, what do you eat for breakfast, if not carbs?" I whined to my acupuncturist.

"Lentils, or eggs, or fruit, or soup..."

He went on and on.

"There is no way I can eat that for breakfast."

"Oh, so that is the story you are telling yourself?"

Every time I think something is impossible or I can't do something I hear Kelly's voice in my head.

Is it really impossible or is this just the story I am telling myself?

Sam tried to get me to spring off the floor last night. "Just roll on your back and then put your legs down, and pop up."

I immediately told him it was impossible...and then he helped me do it.

I guess I was just telling myself that story.

I want to change my story.

What stories do you tell yourself to keep you from change?


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I really needed to hear that today. For me it is the conscious choice to see the glass as half full. Most of the time I know that often the difference between something being okay and not is merely to change my mental approcach to the situation, but then I forget...and then am reminded again.

Bungalow Builder said...

The CEO of my new company spoke at my orientation. He mentioned that the single thing that he attributes his success to is being a "Yes...IF" guy, instead of a "No, BECAUSE" guy. I've been trying to implement it in all aspects of life and it's pretty transformational! It changes your initial reaction to look at the possibilities and things to enable success, instead of looking at obstacles that are in your way. It works for professional stuff, weight loss (well, we'll see), weekend planning, etc.

Erica said...

Changing your inner dialogue can be all that is necessary to accomplish all things difficult.