my doctor's diet

Yes, my doctor gives me this diet every time I go to see him:

Sample 1200 Calorie Diet

One piece of toast with a pat of margarine OR
Bagle with a pat of margarine
Small glass of orange OR grapefruit juice
Decaffeinated Coffee with Skim Milk

Garden salad with oil & vinegar dressing OR
One Slice of Bread
3 oz. of Turkey OR Chicken without the skin
Diet Soda

6 oz. of chicken skinless OR Turkey Broiled OR
6 oz. of broiled fresh fish (flounder, sole OR salmon)
1 cup of fresh vegetables steamed (No lima beans or peas)
EVERY OTHER DAY you can have 1/2 of a small baked potato OR one cup of rice with
one pat of margarine.
Diet Soda

Evening Snack
One apple OR 1/4 cantelope OR 1/2 grapefruit

Really? Are there people out there who follow such a thing?

Our doctor is a)NOT a skinny guy and b)this is way too few calories for most people.

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