book blurb: Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

I have decided to do book blurbs instead of reviews...What do you think?

by Rhoda Janzen

At what point do you decide to return to your Mennonite roots? When you have a horrible car crash and are debilitated for months? When your husband talks you into moving way out of town, and then tells you that, turns out, after 15 years together, he is gay and leaving you for his lover? Oh did I mention he had talked you into getting a hystorectomy eariler because he did not want kids? Or is it when you decide that you just really need to go home, and home is with your strict yet highly accepting Mennonite parents? For Rhoda Janzen, it was a combination of events that lead her to reconsider her upbringing as a Mennonite. She went home and spent a year considering how her childhood had influenced her life. She doesn’t quite return to the flock, but she does closely examine her family, its history, and her love of her childhood.


Brent said...

I like the blurb idea, it's fun. But I also want to know what you think of the book. Can you put that in a parentheitcal paragraph post-blurb?

Nicole said...

Funny, I clicked to comment and Brent has already said what I feel- love the blurb idea but would like to know your opinion of the book as well.

Pam Rutter said...

Hey can I borrow this book? Mennonites and Brethren are like kissing cousins practically. :)