let me explain why WMATA is broke...

WMATA is the DC area Metropolitan Transit Authority. They run Metro and the Metro bus system. They are always broke.

This is a picture of their headquarters at 6:15 pm almost every evening. Everyone is gone.


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Nicole said...

I have been asking this very question about lights on in buildings since at least college. I actually did a presentation about it. Yes, dork. They cough it up to celaning crews, security reasons, etc. but it's a bunch of bs excuses for pure laziness and a lackadaisical attitude toward conservation. And I'm not just talking environmental conservation, but financial. Argh! When we were in Quayiquil, Ecuador (yes, a so-called third-world country), one of our hotels had these nifty card readers inside the door. You slip your key card in to turn on the electricity in the room. When you leave, you have to take your key, and consequently, all the power in the room is turned off. Simple brilliance. Why can't the rest of the world catch on?