So I officially sent out five submissions to publications this weekend! My writing career began...well is beginning...will begin...has begun? I am pretty excited. I don't expect anything to be accepted, though.

This quarter I am taking a class entitled, Writing the Creative Nonfiction Book: Getting a Full Draft. The professor, Rachel Howard, is a published author. I have her book on my Amazon wishlist. It is a family memoir which also covers the murder of her father! The book is called, The Lost Night: A Daughter's Search for the Truth of Her Father's Murder.

I have a draft of my book and in the intervening weeks I am thinking I should re-write it. From scratch. What it is missing is a theme, somewhat important.

Wish me luck.


SAHM said...

How exciting! I know you have been waiting for this for a long time. I know nothing may come of it, but you never know for sure until you give it a try! You are amazing!

Good luck with your book overhaul. I hope a theme materializes for you that you can wrap your mind around and still share all that you want to share.

I'll be thinking happy thoughts.

Katerina said...

Good luck tigress :) You 're so naturally talented in expressing yourself through writing anyway...

Unknown said...

Good luck, Nicole! I am so proud of you for going after your dreams. You are a great writer and I am so stoked for you!