movie review: Disfigured

I just finished this movie, Disfigured. The story is about two women: one is severely overweight and the other woman is anorexic. They become friends over weight so to speak. The low budget movie deals heavily with how society perceives weight. And you really get an insight into how both women are treated by society. Everyone is so mean and judgmental. The women have frank talks which are sometimes so honest they are difficult to watch.

How is it that we all seem to hate our bodies? The skinny people and the fat people are all able to find ample problems with their bodies.

I just want to be happy with how I look and be able to enjoy activities that I love and wear cute knee high leather boots. Is that too much to ask?

I think about this sometimes when I look at other women's bodies. I think, wow, they could lose some weight, or look at her muffin top. And then I catch myself reminding me that there are always going to be people bigger than me and smaller than me and maybe I need to stop being so damn judgmental in my head and focus on my behavior. And then I think maybe muffin top girl just lost x number of pounds and is super happy with her body.

Bottom line: the movie does a great job dealing with a taboo topic in our culture: bodies.

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