my newest obsession: tumbleweed tiny houses

Yep, the small house idea is back. This is the one I want now. They are just so cute. I would love for us to live in one for a year and write a book about it. We will see. The pictured house is for sale for $50k and is 130 square feet. Click here to see other tiny homes by Tumbleweed.

In other news, quite a storm is brewing about my review of Fibre Space. Click here to go back to it and read the comments. I love having readers!


Erin said...

Those are so much better than the Home Depot "cabins" we've been dreaming about :P And the plans are relatively cheap!

Why don't they show pictures of the inside though? That worries me a little. Have you found any inside pics?

SAHM said...

This IS fun that the store got involved. How do you feel about their responses?

harkinna said...

Well, honestly, I thought the responses were a. a bit all over the place: we "absolutely" ball yarn, we don't ball yarn, etc. 2. i think it is funny because now when you search the store name and review, my blog is the 1st thing! Funny.