movie review: the walker

I just finished watching The Walker. It was a movie about a man, Carter, who escorts socialites in Washington to events. He is gay and has a boy friend, so the walker, played by Woody Harrelson, is more of a muse, acting a lot like a Japanese Geisha.

The star studded cast included:
* Woody Harrelson as Carter Page III
* Kristin Scott Thomas as Lynn Lockner
* Lauren Bacall as Natalie Van Miter
* Ned Beatty as Jack Delorean
* Moritz Bleibtreu as Emek Yoglu
* Mary Beth Hurt as Chrissie Morgan
* Lily Tomlin as Abigail Delorean
* Willem Dafoe as Senator Larry Lockner

Carter covers for one of his supposed friends when her boy friend is found dead in his apartment. Carter is implicated and has to decide whether to chose to continue to lie about what happened or to come clean.

The movie was not good.

The most interesting thing about the movie was how it felt like I was watching a movie from the 80's. The music screamed 80's, the videography, even the clothes...but they clearly meant that the viewer would think the movie was current. So strange.

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