Ask Emily

Calling all questions. The blog is going to have a guest blogger…that’s right folks. How fun is this? The column is called “Ask Emily.” Emily is available to answer any type of question. Got life questions? Ask Emily. Got relationship questions? Ask Emily. Got a cat that keeps trying to hump your leg? Ask Emily I say. So readers, send me some questions in the comment box. Emily will get right back to you.

On a more serious note, Emily has really good ideas and solutions to your problems, and she is making her services available...take advantage.

ps: I am not Emily.


Montana Harkin said...

I need some tips to help sell my house faster. Can Emily help out?

Unknown said...

I would finally like to know why the Americans put sugar into everything including bread and ham.
Will they ever stop?

Thank you, Emmy.

"The Slovakian"