a new president

Driving back into Washington from our cabin in West Virginia, we see many different license plates. One large white van from Alabama carrying a group of people to see the inauguration rolls past. I get verklemt. On the radio they are talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. and whether Obama fulfills MLK’s dream.

I feel a sense of relief. I did not expect to feel this relief at the change in our presidency.

I am done with Bush. I am tired of him saying that he wanted to do the right thing, and then did the opposite. I am tired of the hypocrisy of it all: that he could be a God fearing Christian, and then somehow feel that breaking the Golden Rule ((Editors note: mistake changed.) was ok.

Last year, a girl friend from college sent around the forward about Obama being a terrorist. I responded nicely, but with some force, that a bit of internet research would show this to be false. My friend did some internet research herself and then sent out an apology for having forwarded the email. She said she was wrong, and that Obama was not in fact a terrorist. What a relief. She went on to say that as a Christian it was her duty to rectify the lie she had forwarded along, because one of the Commandments is not to lie.

Does anyone remember life before Bush? Eight years ago I was in Montana helping Linda as she became more and more ill with cancer. Jack was trying to get me to move home to take care of Montana. Erica was pregnant, but only just, with Tanner. John was still in college. I had not started law school, nor could I foresee living in Berlin for two years at that point. Brent and I were just friends. I was over Clinton. I was tired of his questioning the nature of “is.”

On Friday, Bush told us again that torture anywhere of anyone was wrong and he stands against it.

Really? Really? That is your final word? That is where you are going to leave us? In this double speak world, where Gitmo is still open, as you saunter off to your home in Texas? Look at our country Bush: the economy sucks, our reputation in the world sucks, and the Israelis knew that if they attacked Gaza today, your power was so small, that nothing could be done to stop it. The country gave you the keys and you are handing the keys back not a minute too soon.

So, yes, I feel relieved. This too shall pass. We can make the US a better place again.


SAHM said...

FYI- The first commandment is to have no other Gods before Me.

I think our biggest difference Nicole is your interest and investment in government/politics and, quite honestly, my total lack of concern regarding it all (probably pathetic, I know), but I do think it is strange that people (including you, apparently) blame so much on one person -here, Bush- when our government is set up so that not just one person has complete control. And, yes, I am sure it is with much relief and some regret, that Bush goes home to Texas today. I hope he can sleep for a week and know that some people respect him as an individual who gave up eight years of his life trying to do what he thought was right for our country based on his knowledge and beliefs . . . after all, he was elected twice by the people of our country.

harkinna said...

Another person brought up the blaming one person. I suppose for me he is more of a symbol of how our country had gone off the rails.

It is questionable whether he was actually elected twice. He was definitely elected the second time however.

Until recently our country was split basically 50/50.

Honestly, I was ready for any change...McCain or Obama.

Erin said...

I feel sorry for Bush, to be honest. I really do believe that deep down he's a good guy. He just doesn't seem to have had the strength or the confidence early on to have stuck up for his morals, or for his legacy, or for us. Unfortunately, I think what it seems like you and so many other people want from him, an apology for that, is asking too much. Our country's relationship with George W. Bush reminds me of my relationship with my mother, and hers with her mother, and so on... We all spend our youths waiting for our mothers to admit where they went wrong until one day we give up and we start to understand that they did the best they could and that even where they didn't, admission of their faults may be more than can handle.

So I'm content to let Bush move back to Texas and ride his mountain bike and sleep at night believing himself to have done a good job. As long as he doesn't go mentoring any future presidents...