my personal trainer fired me

At 50 bucks an hour he was not cheap. We started working out together in the fall of 2007. I found him on the internet, where all personal trainers live.

He was a little guy, maybe an inch taller than me and he most likely weighed half as much as me. He was gay and he did not share personal information with me. Perhaps he was jaded by so many past clients; people’s lives in whom he had become emotionally invested, only to have those people stop training with him. I can’t say as I blame him.

I would get to the local gym above a local grocery store at 8 am. Everyone knew everyone there just like Cheers; it was a comfortable place to workout. I would hop on the treadmill, starting out slowly. Immediately he would put the thing on an incline not dissimilar to that of Mt. Everest, and have me trying to run up the hill. I persisted, decreasing the incline anytime he walked away. I was not allowed to hold on either, at that height. After 12 minutes of this we would step over to the weights.

I could tell he was alternately impressed at my strength and disgusted at my sloth.

During one session I actually thought I was going to throw up right there in the gym. I rushed to the bathroom and left. It felt horrible.

Now, I don’t like to work out. I don’t run for the fun of it, I don’t push myself to fatigue. And I find people who do to be a bit strange.

Then the nutrition lessons began. Two veggies, one protein for dinner, maybe throw in a starch. A chicken breast with nothing on it the size of my fist for dinner. He even gave me a hand out.
For goodness sake people, I have gone to school for 20 years of my life, I read like a fiend, I know what to eat. Thanks. No really.

He took me down to the grocery where he interrogated me about what I was eating. He held the ice cream in my face and yelled to me that it was killing me.

That is where he lost me. Really, no more ice cream ever? Really? Who was he kidding? Not me.

I started my new job and then could no longer come at 8 am. I emailed him to reschedule. He told me he was getting Washington into shape one person at a time. Since he never emailed back, I guess he was doing it one person less at a time.

A few months ago I almost literally ran into him on the street. He ignored me. It took me a second to recognize him, and then he was gone.

I made my new trainer promise not to fire me.


Erin said...

Aww... I'm sorry Nicole. Skinny people can be so unsympathetic and even judgmental sometimes. And often the habits which make them skinny are just as dysfunctional as those that make other people fat. MT has a friend whose girlfriend eats blended coconut milk and rice for breakfast every morning. After spending too much time having to listen to her diet, it sounds like her strategy for maintaining her weight is appetite control through consuming massive quantities of saturated fat. To each his own, I guess...

In any case, you'll find your path. I know people hate hearing this, but as long as you can find a middle ground - a way to be healthy without having to give up all of the habits you've developed throughout your life, I know you'll be fine.

harkinna said...

Thanks Erin! Quite a few friends have emailed their support, which I greatly appreciate! :)

Unknown said...

Nicole, I just loved the story and the way you wrote it :-) You know me, coming from Central Europe, I can't understand the nutrition and diet madness of some in the US. I am on your side. Thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

You lasted longer than I would have! Every time I've tried to work with anyone or any program that tries the "I'm going to guilt/power-trip/control you into doing what you need to do", I get pissed and rebel by not exercising & eating whatever I damn well please, thank you very much... then I gain more weight.

I don't really get how that method is motivating for people but whatever works for them I guess!

Good luck with the new person!