a new goal: 30 pounds

One of my friends once told me that it is patently clear that I am capable of doing whatever it is that I set my mind to. As I look around, I think that might be true.

So why is it that I can’t lose weight? Have I never really tried?

When answering survey questions that ask how many diets you have tried, I generally put none. I don’t believe in dieting, so of course I have never done it.

Yes I have. There was the time when Jack was sick when I went to the nutritionist. And then the time I half-heartedly tried weight watchers. (The only thing I can remember from that was listening to the reports of the second space shuttle having been blown up.) I am sure there are others.

I think about losing weight. I like the idea. I really liked the idea the whole year before my wedding, but not enough to actually lose weight.

I am educated about losing weight: eat less food, lose weight. I know eating too much sugar is bad for me and even makes me get eczema. (Weird, I know.)

As another friend said, I am not just sitting around eating chocolate ├ęclairs. I honestly think my body processes food better than other bodies. But that is an excuse. I know this. So what if that is the case, that does not obviate my responsibility to lose weight so I don’t end up with diabetes, heart problems, or even worse with cancer.

When Linda wanted to lose weight, she just started smoking and drinking more coffee instead of eating. She was thin most of her life. (And died from smoking, so…)

When Jack wanted to lose weight, well he always needed to lose weight. I look just like Jack. His mother was in her late 80’s and was still talking about losing weight.

So what is the problem? I don’t think I have ever really tried.

In 2009 I am going to lose 30 lbs. That works out to a little more than 2 pounds a month. Erica, my sister, is doing this with me thanks to the internet.

When we achieve our goal, we are going to Ireland. Neither of us have ever been there.

Here is my plan:
1. Journal with Erica daily about our progress, including an honest exchange about what we have eaten.
2. Continue working out with the personal trainer, and go on my own two more times at least every week.
3. Not eat after 7 pm.
4. Go try acupuncture. (Hey, why not?)
5. Read more books about nutrition, starting with getting through Good Calories/Bad Calories.
6. Wear my pedometer.

Wish me luck and keep me honest.


SAHM said...

I think this sounds terrific, and you have a plan so there is no reason for it not to work, right?! However, I know that losing weight can be a hard thing to do because it means totally changing your regular routine. Hard! I have yet to lose all of the 60 lbs. I gained when pregnant with the twins, and they are almost two years old! Most of it is gone, but I had still been hanging on to about 15 of it, and would really like to lose 20. Just in December I cut down, and now almost out, my intake of Coca-Cola and have lost 7-8 lbs just by doing that. I was "only" drinking about 24 oz. per day but that was enough to make a difference. I am also working on eating meals (hard to when I am working to get six people out the door each morning and serving up 3 different lunch times each day) while keeping everybody/thing in check. I would get to the end of the day and be so hungry that the eating after 7 pm thing would get me. I do know that can make a huge difference. Anyway, all this to say, I know that you can do it and I will be thinking happy thoughts for you, sending encouraging words, and praying for you too!

Katerina said...

Arghh! Ireland?? That's right next door to me tigress, if you go to ireland I will travel there to join you! You'd better stick to this new year's resolution then, is what I say :) Good luck!
Love, k x

harkinna said...

Of course we will come to London!

Erin said...

Did you see this? http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=18078673

harkinna said...

Erin, Is referring you back to an older blog post acceptable?? :)

The book Nudge is just the same idea.


Steven said...

Way to go, Nicole...you're inspiring. I'm trying to lose some weight too, and emailing with a couple friends weekly to try and stay accountable. I'm also trying to floss more, and having an easier time with that resolution. Good luck and Godspeed to us both!

Anonymous said...

Can I do it with you? I can loose 30lbs and Rachael and I can go to Ireland too. We planned on going to Ireland and this would be great for me to do. Rachael shouldn't lose 30 lbs though. But I need to.