Movie Review: Wall-E

The setting: a dystopian future where humans have abandoned the world because our trash has taken over the world. Robots have been left on earth to clean it up for us. The humans have been gone for so long that only a cockroach and one robot are still alive. The humans forgot that they wanted to go back to earth because they live on a cruise ship, talking on their cell phones, and riding around in little carts. People can no longer walk and don’t know how to make any decisions for themselves. A la 2001 A Space Odyssey the computers/robots have taken over.

How is it that this movie captured the hearts of America this year? It did. And boy what cute a movie it is. Because really, the movie is a parable dressed up as a love story.

Did anyone notice the real message of the movie: we are losing our relationships and robots are taking over the world. Wait, that is kind of strange message. But I can’t help thinking every time I see someone crossing the street talking on their cell phone while about to get hit by an SUV, that something is wrong.

Can our electronic connections take the place of human connections? No, of course not. The movie Wall-E takes all of our internet surfing, cell phone chatting, and consumption to its logical conclusion: if we don’t start taking care of our planet, we are going to have to leave. I wonder if any kids are picking up on the real message of the move...any reports from the field?

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