a less weighty topic

So the New York Times had two interesting articles regarding health today.

The first article stated that it takes six months to see the positive health effects of working out. Wow. That is a long time. Kind of un-motivating. (Click this paragraph for this article.)

The other article was about detox programs (click this paragraph to go to the article). You have heard of them...you drink only water, juice, or what have you for x days or weeks and this gets the toxins out of your system. You will have more energy, lose weight, and live happily ever after.

I want to try these things. Brent says they are crazy. My rational brain says, yes, definatly crazy. The other half of my brain says, hey why not try it, can't hurt. The rational side is currently winning.

But the article in the New York Times is a bit annoying. It is unorganized and poorly argued and explained. “There is absolutely no scientific basis for the assertion that the regimens popularly defined as ‘detox’ will augment the body’s own capacity for identifying and eliminating your own metabolic wastes or doing the same for environmental toxins." Can this be? No scientific research into the area of whether detoxing your body is good for it? I don't believe it.

Then the article goes on to state that there is at least one trial ongoing currently.

Any one out there ever tried it?

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