what I read

I read a lot.

Currently we read:
New York Magazine, weekly
The New Yorker, weekly
GQ, monthly
The Atlantic, monthly
boingboing.net, daily

I have started reading the back posts of:

I like to read magazines on the day I get them...otherwise they can languish.

I also try to read a few books a week...hence my reviews you get to read.

I don't want to hear from anyone else that having a baby will mean I will never read again. My good friend Tania told me I will be able to read while I breastfeed. I believe her.

I am feeling a bit militant about this...If I could keep reading during law school, I can keep reading after a baby.

Thanks for reading...and being supportive of my habit.


Erin said...

I think that it is silly to say that you won't have time to read. If it's important to you, you will find time for it. It just may need to come at the expense of something else.

Maureen said...

Agreed with Erin. People like to take every opportunity to remind you that a "baby will change your life!!!" No kidding. It will change in a great way.

Instead of not being able to do things you enjoy, you will be surprised by the number of new things you're introduced to that you absolutely love.

Amazing, those little people.

SAHM said...

You will SO not have to give up reading. I read while nursing all the time--well, not with the twins, it was hard to hold two babies and a book, but with the others, I totally did! Like Erin and Maureen have said you will keep doing the things you love, will drop some stuff that isn't so important, and find enjoyment in new things as well. Your life will change, but not in a bad way. You really will still have control of your life. You will even have time to take a shower...that one always kills me when moms say they couldn't make time to take a shower. Really?! You'll be an awesome mom!