blogging down...inability to sleep up

Ok, so I am having problems sleeping at this point...between the baby and acid reflux, I really sleep best during the day...which is silly.

Anyway, I have stumbled upon a new blog that I just love. You all know I love boingboing.net, but now there is blog.sethroberts.net, a blog by Seth Roberts. His posts are endlessly fascinating to me. I have made my way back to the beginning of last year, and will continue working backwards. I did this for boingboing too...

Roberts engages in a lot of self experimentation. He does different exercises everyday to monitor how well he is doing that day. For example, he takes a math test everyday and records the amount of time it takes him to compete the test. He has found that eating half a stick of butter a day and eating flax seeds makes him feel better and improves his math test scores.

Maybe instead of reading his blog I should write...but I haven't.

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