the atlantic: hit or miss...and tea cup kids

I read this article, "How to Land your Kid in Therapy" about teacup kids in The Atlantic recently. The article, by Lori Gorrlieb, of Marry Him fame, chronicles the end results of helicopter parents who insist on being friends with their kids rather than parents. Colleges have taken to calling these children "Teacup Kids" because the first time something goes wrong in their life they break like a delicate teacup.

Really worth a read. Would love to hear what you mom's who read my blog think about the article...

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Erin said...


We have this same problem... We want Ada to have choices and to feel some semblance of control over her life, but at the same time it sometimes becomes clear to us that she has crossed a line, and so we try to set limits and pull her back. Some people would call this adjusting as the situation calls for it. More would call it being inconsistent.

Parenting is hard!