Anyone out there ever gotten into juicing? Brent and I watched this pretty great movie (Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead) about juicing to lose weight and regain health and just bought a juicer to give it a go.

The apple juice was good...but earthy. Very interesting taste. Preview of the movie below:

I liked the idea of resetting your food pallet. When we discussed this with my brother and his wife, they did not really buy it...but I think there is some merit. These guys were not eating any fruits of veggies...ANY...so they really needed to reset things. And it worked. I will be trying the juices Brent makes, because of my delicate state...but not actually only drinking juice...that seems a little crazy. I could see Brent just drinking a juice for breakfast everyday. My uncle has a smoothie for breakfast everyday.



Bungalow Builder said...

I don't like to drink my food. I can see how incorporating a smoothie into your routine might allow you to get more fruits & veggies, but they've always just made me even more hungry. I think it's interesting to "reset" your palate... the idea that you have to reset what you think is sweet, bitter, etc. I had someone tell me to not eat anything that came out of a plastic container. that was eye-opening, since it really forced me to think about how much processing goes into what we eat. that also worked to reset what I thought was real "food".

Jamie Bosworth said...

Resetting your palate is a chore unless you take it in small increments... we are creatures of habit and habits take a little work. Take your time. I am still working on my dinner habits not to mention my workout. ;0)

Over the last couple of years, my breakfast has become one of the set parts of my day and it seems to serve me well.
This may not be your cup of tea but if it is, the balance isn't bad and the time to fix it in the morning is doable.

1 banana
1 pink grapefruit
1 slice of dry toast
1 boiled egg with a dribble of olive oil and little salt
1 very largish cup of expresso with milk and brown sugar