Has anyone else ran across this idea? Instead of homeschooling, you unschool your kids? I would describe my understanding of it as a cross between Montessori- where kids learn at their own pace- and home schooling - they learn at home.

I think this is both cool and scary, this unschooling idea. What if your kids are lazy? In one book I recently read, one son spent a year playing video games. That's it. On the the couch playing...

So, I would love to hear what others think about this. I ran across a great blog about a woman who is unschooling her kids.

More information about unschooling:

From Wikipedia:
"Unschooling is a range of educational philosophies and practices centered on allowing children to learn through their natural life experiences, including child directed play, game play, household responsibilities, work experience, and social interaction, rather than through a more traditional school curriculum. Unschooling encourages exploration of activities led by the children themselves, facilitated by the adults. Unschooling differs from conventional schooling principally in the thesis that standard curricula and conventional grading methods, as well as other features of traditional schooling, are counterproductive to the goal of maximizing the education of each child.

The term "unschooling" was coined in the 1970s and used by educator John Holt, widely regarded as the "father" of unschooling. While often considered to be a subset of homeschooling, unschoolers may be as philosophically estranged from homeschoolers as they are from advocates of conventional schooling. While homeschooling has been subject to widespread public debate, little media attention has been given to unschooling in particular. Popular critics of unschooling tend to view it as an extreme educational philosophy, with concerns that unschooled children will lack the social skills, structure, and motivation of their peers, especially in the job market, while proponents of unschooling say exactly the opposite is true: self-directed education in a natural environment makes a child more equipped to handle the "real world.""


Bungalow Builder said...

A year of playing video games can hardly be considered a "natural life experience". I doubt that kid learned any life lessons through that "parent-facilitated" activity.

Erin said...

Maybe he learned that if you spend a year playing video games, you have nothing to show for an entire year of your life?