i love the post office

All we ever hear about the US Post Office is bad stuff: prices going up, stopping service on Saturdays...and of course people going postal.

But the postal workers of America rock. They do lots of good things...

Charlottesville, VA Branch 518 member Mary Good was making her deliveries when she came across a man lying in the center of the street, bleeding profusely from his head. Good quickly grabbed a phone to call 911 and protected the injured man from being struck by oncoming traffic. She remained with him until the rescue squad arrived. The man had been crossing the street when he apparently blacked out and suffered a concussion. Good then ran to the realty office the man owned to tell his son what had transpired.

NOTICING ACCUMULATING MAIL IN THE mailbox of an elderly customer, Audel Garcia grew concerned. Since the 89-year-old Mrs. Ho picked up her mail regularly and because there was no vacation hold order, Garcia went to knock on the door to check on the woman. When he heard her feeble call for help in response, he summoned police and emergency crews. Ho’s son wrote to the post office to commend the Santa Clara, CA Branch 1427 member for not only saving his mother’s life, but also for his professional and friendly service on a daily basis. This was not Garcia’s first heroic act. He was also spotlighted in the March 2009 Postal Record for performing CPR on a customer who had collapsed in his driveway.

And you can read more about these feats by clicking here...at the "Postal Record."

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