bodymedia part deux

So, I have been wearing my BodyMedia fit for a month now. And I have the data to prove it!

Here's a summary:

I am only sleeping on average 6 hours and 53 minutes a night. I thought I slept 8 hours a night. I am lying down for an average of 8 hours and 35 minutes.

I eat on average 1400 calories a day. This seems low to me. I bet I eat closer to 1600, but even still I have burned on average 2785 calories. How can this be? I eat on average 16% protein, 46% carbs, and 36% fat...oh and 3% alcohol.

I have only lost 2 pounds...maybe.

I average 9812 steps a day. Not bad.


This just reenforces my feeling that calories in do not equal calories out.

And I need to sleep more.

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Bungalow Builder said...

This is fascinating! I believe the sleep part - in that we toss & turn a lot in our sleep & wake up & put ourselves back to sleep without really knowing it. OR - you guys spend a lot of time "laying down" but not sleeping. ;-)
How does your meter look at calories OUT? Does it make assumptions based on body composition? i.e. the notion that a person with higher muscle mass burns more calories than a person with less muscle mass of the same weight...?
On my side, I'm on a new diet because they've diagnosed me with gestational diabetes, where, in theory, I'm not processing blood sugar & passing it all on to the baby, resulting (supposedly in huge weight gain, and an enormous baby). However, I've gained a total of 3 pounds (TOTAL - yet 8 months pregnant!), and have a baby sized 100% to the average for her age. The diet they have me on is consuming actually MORE food than I normally would, especially of carbs. Go figure.