the pantry

Brent and I have been getting the vegetable share for the four years since I returned from Berlin. It comes once a week from Washington’s Green Grocer. We get a weekly list of what is planned to arrive on Sunday.

We have often failed to eat all of the veggies, which really made me feel guilty. That said, we kept ordering, because I felt like we were learning as we went along.

Linda did not cook a lot. So my first exposure to really good food made a home was when I went to visit my aunt and uncle in western Massachusetts. They live so far from take out and the city, they had to become chefs in their own rights. One Thanksgiving I spent there we had southwestern Turkey, with all of these tastes which I had never been exposed to.

While it has taken me quite a few years, I am finally getting the handle of cooking. And really, it starts with the kitchen. A few years ago, we pared down our kitchen utensils. We used the list from Mark Bittman. (found by clicking here.) Then, a few weeks ago on a whim I purchased a book from Amazon called Urban Pantry. What a great little book. She explained the pantry to me. And boy was that a simple change that has made all the difference in how easy it is to cook at home. The secret: Line up your pantry like it would be in the grocery store with all like things together. Linda NEVER did this. I just don’t think she had the patience for cooking.

The final change that has lead to way more cooking at home is another Mark Bittman suggestion. We put the toaster over away and we put the food processor down on the counter. It is there always ready to go. I think we have used the processor at least 5 out of 7 days since we did this one small thing.

More on this topic as it evolves. But the bottom line is that it costs less and tastes better to cook at home.

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