lovers and friends

"A scientific study reveals that having a new romantic partner comes at the cost of losing two close friends."

Brent sent me this article a few weeks ago. (Read the article here.) I have been thinking about this idea since then. And I think I did in fact lose two close friends when I gained Brent.

The article does not really satisfactorily discuss the "why"...Why does this happen? They think it just has to do with time management.



Rachel said...

I saw that article too and thought that it rang sort of true. I don't remember if they control for other life factors that might be going on at the same time (moving to a new city, no longer being in school, etc) which can also cause one to lose friends. I do think some of it is time management - focusing on your partner at the cost of spending time with other friends.

Drobnyk's said...

How many friends do we lose when we gain children?? If it has to do with time management, we lose more than 2 per kid....