bodymedia fit

A few months ago I got this cool GPS watch for running, except that it had problems connecting with the satellites. By the time it connected, I was either too annoyed to run or too something...so I took it back to REI. The reason we shop there is so we can take things that don't work back...so I am glad they took it back. Their customer service is going downhill though.

In its stead I got this new little gadget: BodyMedia Fit. It is this little guy that you wear on your arm. It tracks your activity and sleep. They recommend wearing it 23 hours a day. I have been wearing it for four days. (The device is the same as a bodybug.)

Results so far:
1. I don't sleep nearly as much as I need to or thought I was sleeping. (6.5 hours v. 8 hour laying in bed.)
2. We walk a lot, but not enough on the weekends.
3. I tend to eat much worse (read more carbs and sugar and refined foods) on the weekends.

You are supposed to measure your calories in v. you calories used to create a calorie deficit.

The only problem I really have with this whole set up is that I don't believe in the calories in - calories out = weight loss, but I am going to stick with this for a few months. Let's see what happens.

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