the food pyramid

Since I am doing the "lowcarb" thing these days, I decided to look up what the daily recommended intake of carbohydrates by the USDA were. It was hard to find, surprisingly. Lifehacker has a great post about how to understand and use the food pyramid to help make your food choices. Check it out by clicking here.

This was my favorite food pyramid they posted.

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Bungalow Builder said...

OK - the thing that drives me nuts about the "low carb" thing is that ALL those things to eat in abundance - whole grains, vegetables, fruit - Those ARE CARBS. So of course it's tough to find the nutritional recommendation for daily carb intake. BUT - if you eat a bunch of refined carbs - things that have only carbs with no fiber, it translates straight to sugar really quickly, making you hungrier and tired faster, making you eat more - a viscious cycle. I THINK this is what the "low carb" diet aims to do, but to reduce food to either fat, protein or carbs is to really oversimplify what you should eat - which is REAL FOOD, as close to its natural form as possible.

Now if I could just do exactly that, I'd be able to lose those pesky 30 extra lbs!