physical exam

How many times have you left the doctor's office only to remember the one other thing you wanted to talk to them about?

I recently ran across the "History and Physical Exam" pocketcard on Amazon.
I bought it because it was cheap ($3.95) and I wanted to see what it said. The pocketcard, near as I can tell, is for medical students, to ensure that they are asking the patients the correct questions about their medical history.

The great part of the card is that you could use it to fill out your own history and then take this to the doctor when you go. I think this will be especially useful as we move toward having people shop around more for their health care. What better way to succinctly explain your history than to have thought it through before meeting the doctor?

The card covers things from social history to your neurological system to all of your other bodies parts...some you try not to think about! I would recommend picking one of these up if you have kids as well to plan ahead before doctor's visits, etc.

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