It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be.

by Paul Arden

We ran across this book at our local used bookstore. The book is small and unassuming, but is really full of great tips, not only if you work in advertising, as Mr. Arden did, but also for the average Joe. Full of quotes like, “Without having a goal it’s difficult to score” the book quickly floats along. Only later do you remember something Mr. Arden said, like his remark that while momentarily upsetting, getting fired all five times actually moved his career along, and incorporate his view point into your current thinking.

The book is organized into 8 sections, including the introduction. The sections that spoke most to me currently are the “Fundamentals” and the “You Don’t Have to Be Creative to Be Creative.” In the fundamental section he has a page about making the most of where you are currently in life. Seize the opportunity at hand. Make the place you are, the place you want to be. Do your best work today even if it is not your dream work. In the creative section, he outlines, quickly, how a senior manager, junior account handler, and buyer can all make a difference in an organization. Both sections make quick points, again, that you tend to ponder later.

At the end of the book, he has a funny pie chart outlining “Life’s Creative Circle.” In it he says, “Creativity is imagination, and imagination is for everyone.” Well said my friend. Check out this little book, full of little gems.

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