make something cool every day 2009

So this artist, mentioned in Making Ideas Happen, set up a blog where he made something cool every day in 2009. That is a tall order. I mean, what if you just don't have a great idea that day? Well, one theme of the book I did not mention yesterday, is that creativity and art are hard work. You can't just wait for great ideas to come to you. Sometimes, you have to start working before you figure out what you are really going to do with what you have made.

This is definitely what happened with my postcard project. I started walking around Berlin all day taking pictures of stencil graffiti. Once I had these hundreds of photos I had to figure out what to do with them. That's where my community came in to help me. Matth, my graphic artist friend in Berlin, helped make the project a reality because he knew where to get the project printed and how to typeset the photos for printing. Without him, I never would have had the photos.

Anyway, check out the year of making something cool every day by clicking this sentence.

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