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Brent and I have been standing at work for about three months now. I would estimate I stand for between 5 and 6 hours a day. The other three are spent walking around, going to lunch, or sitting down to read stuff. I wanted to link to the articles we have read about the benefits of standing. I really think it is having an effect on our systems because, since we started standing, we have also started going for long walks in the evening. We are doing about 3 miles a night. I have also found that I am much more focused at work. I don’t have those moments where I find myself slouched in my desk chair surfing the net mindlessly. Standing up has made me more mindful. I also move around quite a bit. I put my leg on my underdesk leg stand; I switch from leg to leg.

I bought a gel mat at Costco. I am not super sure of its utility, and Brent does not use one. I stand on it barefoot, so I have to remember to put my shoes of when I step away from my cube.

The ergonomics people at work came around, as did the building supply person. He promised to get me a permanent solution to my standing desk, but I have not heard from him since, so I am still using the paper reams to stand. I need to buy the legs for my standing desk.

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