the wire and a new book

I can't wait to read this new book: What Else But Home. This family took in five children they met on a basket ball court in New York City. The boys are grown now, and four of the five graduated from
high school. After watching one season of The Wire, I cried and cried. I told Brent I wanted to help these kids. These parents did more than get upset about a TV show; they got involved.

We are working on writing a statement of values for our family. Helping others will feature largely, as will
having big dreams.

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SAHM said...

I haven't watched the video clip yet, but I know what you mean about having a heart to help but not always doing anything about it. That is largely what the quote on my sahmof4 blog is about. I want to do big things in helping, but I find that taking care of my brood and my church/school things take quite a bit of my time. I am always sure there is more that I can do, but I am partly scared too. I think your plan for family values (or whatever you called it) is a wonderful idea. We started with nothing concrete but we are on basically the same page with most things and do talk about it informally sometimes. A definite plan of attack -with room for flexibility- is awesome! I love you!