When I was 8 I came up with a jingle for Delta:
"Delta...Delta Airlines, We wanna take you there, anytime, most anywhere."

Wait? Did I make that up or was that the real slogan?

I also tried to make a cheer:
Give me a "D" for dependability,
Give me a "E" for elegance,
Give me a "L" for loyalty...

Ah, loyalty. I am loyal to Delta because my parents both worked there, Mom for 15 years and Dad for 30. Many of my parent's friends draw their pensions from the company. I still have the Delta American Express card, so I earn miles.

But my flight yesterday inspired no loyalty. Do you want to know why? Well because my direct flight from Salt Lake City to Washington National made a PLANNED stop in DETROIT.

In Detroit, I called Brent and he looked up the flight. At first glance it looked like a direct flight, but then you had to click the link to go to Northwest. At the Northwest site it said the flight stopped.

I am pretty sure Delta has not fixed this because it slips by the flight aggregators like kayak.com. I asked the gate agent if it was actually a Southwest flight. He did not respond.

Ugh. So annoyed.

But what was really weird was that my same boarding ticket worked for both flights even though we changed planes. I was in the same spot on the plane. Weird.

And the gate agent in Detroit had a few trivia questions because we were running late: "If you use a lead pencil to draw a line, how far could one normal pencil draw?"

"What does everyone have, but you never use, and is only used by others?"

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