review: five fingers shoes by vibrim

Last year sometime, I read an article about the barefoot movement. The story began stating that shoes are bad for your feet. Your feet evolved to be the best way for people to get around and putting shoes on your feet, while protecting you from ring worm and cuts on your feet, basically let your feet get lazy. Naturally, the inner hippie in me came right out and I tried to buy the shoes in the article, by Terra Plana. Although the order went through and I remain on the Terra Plana email list, the shoes were in fact out of stock and my order was canceled; the shoes were on back order for months to come. I gave up. (Click this sentence to read the original article in New York Magazine.)

Until we went to Missoula last weekend. We went to this great little store, Hide and Sole downtown because Brent wanted to see their version of the barefoot shoe, the Five Fingers by Vibrim. You might know Vibrim because they make lots of soles for other shoes and hiking boots.

We both ended up with a pair of five fingers. Getting your toes into their little spots is hard the first five times, and then I think your toes figure it out. I love that my toes are forced to self articulate, it has been such a long time...I have been wearing mine everywhere but at work. My boss thought they looked crazy, and my friend Patrick was more opposed to them than he even is to the flipflop. (The man HATES flipflops.) I even worked out in them with Sam, which went really well.

When you first get the shoes, you have to gradually increase the amount of time you are wearing the shoes, because your muscles are weak. And boy can you tell it. My feet were sore like after working out, not like after a day of shopping, on my first full day of wearing the shoes.

I really like the shoes. I think they are cute and really helping my feet. At the store, the associate told us that a woman came in who had really bad planters fasciitis. After wearing the shoes for a few weeks it went away...so who knows, maybe they are good for me.

The New York Times did an article about it today, so we know the fad is over now. (Click this sentence to read the article, but the New Yorker article is better above.) I am going to keep wearing mine.


Bobby & Nicole said...

Damn, those are ugly. I don't care how well they work, you will not catch me in a pair. Granted, I used to think pointy shoes only belonged sticking up from under a house and I have on a pair right now but these things are much worse. I think these things might start a rebellion more heated than the anti-crocs movement.

SAHM said...

I agree that these shoes are NOT pretty. I am glad that you feel comfortable in them though. Interestingly enough, our little town of Stillwater, OK, has a store that actually sells these "shoes" - or at least did last spring, I haven't been in it for a while now.

Moses Blue said...

NO... WAY... I own a pair and I would not trade them for the world, further more, I can not put into words the impact they have had on my athletic and everyday life. I didn't think I would like them but decided to give them a chance... Best investment as far as clothing goes I have ever made.