michael gore where are you?

I don't really notice music. I mean, I like music, I like listening to music, but I don't always notice it. But the music for the movie, Defending your Life, made me sit up an take notice. In the years before the internets, I actually called people to find the soundtrack. Michael Gore wrote it. I love that music. So, upon doing some more research, I learned he wrote the music to Fame. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. And just today I learned that he scored Terms of Endearment. The music can make me almost cry on cue.

I once tried to find Michael Gore. Where is he? I looked in LA, because that seemed like where he would live. I could not find him. Has he written anything else? I have not yet found him. I would love to hear more of your music.

Turn on your itunes and search for Michael Gore and listen to the Defending Your Life soundtrack. You could watch the movie too. It is quite cute. I think about it a lot when I envision what happens after you die.

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