one last purchase

All year I have wanted one of those closet orgainzers you can get at The Container Store. I woke up thinking about it last winter. I promptly went to the store's website, measured our closet, and then waited for Brent to wake up. The first plan would have cost $800. Our landlord agreed to split it with us. I took out some shelving, re-arranged it a bit and got the price down to $671. Brent was still not interested in splitting the cost.

Throughtout the year I kept getting emails from the store about sales. 30 percent off during the month of January came in the email a few weeks ago...and Brent relented. Then we got a coupon for gift cards. Buy $100 in gift cards, get a $25 gift card. $300 in gift cards later, we reduced the cost of the closet by another $75!

I emailed the landlord, and he said he liked that I was a bargain shopper! Fire up.

At the end of the day, $200 each. Not bad. See the before and after pictures here.

The woman who helped us at the store said that after getting fit, getting organized is the second most popular thing to do in the New Year.

Putting in the closet was not hard, but we did have to buy a drill, on the second trip to Home Depot. I suppose we needed a real drill.

I was so sore from putting the closet in last night that I could not fall asleep. Today I spent some time gazing at my organizational skills.

Happy New Year.

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