the year of making do

I wanted to post a little more about this year's plan to make it the "Year of Making Do." This idea came to me after watching a show on PBS, Objectified. (Click here to read more about the movie.) The last segment of the film asked some famous adversiting guy what kind of campaign he would design if he had $1 billion. He said he would advertise using what you already have. Most people have everything they need, but are addicted to the rush of buying something new...I thought about that a long time...

We are planning on not shopping, unless we really need something, however food is completely exempted. If we do need something, we will throw it on the list, and wait a few weeks, seeking a. an alternative to buying the item or b. a place to buy the item used.

Naturally, January 1 found me out buying a drill to put the closet in...but Brent feels this was grandfathered in.

What is funny about the plan is that the New York Times just had an article about other people doing this...click here to read the article.

We have a lot of unfinished projects around here. Paint by number pictures to finish, yarn to knit, shadow boxes to create, fabric to sew. If you get a gift from me this year, it will likely be homemade.

Bonne Année

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Bungalow Builder said...

It's interesting that you exempted food. For our family, food is our #1 expense BY FAR! I find I like to eat well, and I have big ambitions to cook gourmet - the result? big grocery bills, and big dining out expenses.
When I was trying to get out of debt, I put myself on a $30/week grocery store budget. It was a game, to see what I could come home with while sticking to the budget. Granted, those were 2001 prices, but I got really creative with what I could do with canned tomatoes, 2 boxes of pasta, a block of cheese, some eggs, some chicken broth, some olive oil, and whatever veggies were on sale. Last night's pasta leftovers became soup for lunch with some extra broth. The veggies from a saute became veggie omelets the next morning. I found that I could still live pretty well. If I stuck to the budget, I treated myself to a dinner out on the weekend, or weekend mornings at Starbucks. :-)