hello new year

2009 is over. Crazy.

Here at the Latkin’s things were good. Life continues to be unburdened.

Looking forward to a new decade is strange. I can’t believe it has been almost 10 years since Linda died. I remember thinking, at some point she will be dead for a year, then five, and then, now, 10 years. Her passing has made me try to stay on top of living an intentional life, with that bit of knowledge that we are not here forever always bumbling around back there in my mind. I want to keep an accounting of what we spend.

To that end, I am finally 90 pages into my book! And starting in two days, we will begin the “Year of Making Do.” That means we are not going to go shopping for anything other than food, unless we really need it. How will we define really need? We will write it down and ponder it for two weeks, then make a decision.

Please share your New Year’s plans in the comments.

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