as snow descends on DC, a note about handwashing

On some day this week I was at an interview with EPA. The woman we were speaking to said that using antibacterial hand-soap was not only bad for the environment, killing and harming the environment from the moment you wash it down the sink, but it also does not clean your hands effectively.

WHAT? No one ever told me that. Who knew? Washing your hands with antibacterial hand-soap does not get your hands clean because we don't wash our hands for long enough in America. (You really need to sing either Happy Birthday the whole way through, or your A, B, C's to get them really clean.) Therefore, some of the antibacterial residue is left on your hands. You might eat some of it, or inhale it, or it might even attract more bacteria to your hands.

Read more about this topic in Scientific American by clicking this sentence. In the mean time, stick with soap and water.

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