changes coming?

Hello loyal readers. We are contemplating some big changes here at schreibtischdc...namely, well, changing the name of the blog...or at least setting up an easier to remember website...something, ahm, in English.

Getting back into the grove slowly...had a wonderful time in Portland. Pictures to come.


Katerina said...

Changing the name is probably not a bad idea. 'Schreibtisch' evokes nostalgic memories of the year that our lives crossed paths in Germany, but then again, I'm already one of your readers! An english name will make it easier for people to find you (who's 'we' -blogwise- by the way??). Hope you had a happy Christmas tigress xx

Maureen Richmond said...

Some ideas for the new easy-to-remember English name:

1. Nicole's Blog
2. Nicole the Writer
3. Musings from DC
4. My DC Blog
5. Maureen is Awesome.com
6. Hot or Not (Oh wait, that one is taken by Keith.)

Just some thoughts. hehe

harkinna said...

it is more of a royal "we." :)